Best Valorant Betting Sites

Nowadays esport is on the top of its popularity. More players start participating in different Valorant tournment betting. So, if you are interested in this issue, continue reading this article to learn as much about esport as you can. Betting on Valorant is rather new on the world gaming market. However, it is popular among players, though there is no deal with real money. After reading this guide, you will learn all about the way of choosing the Valorant website and the array of different bets. You will be able to make your Valorant betting sites list, so let us start.

What is Valorant?

You may wonder what Valorant is. If it is so, you have to read this article to figure it out. In general, Valorant is a new game, which was released a short time ago by Riot Games Company. Even though it is a new game, millions of customers play it. We cannot name it a completely new and different game in the gaming world. In general, Valorant is a mix of rather famous and popular Battle Arena and FPS. It also has a bit similar titles with CSGO, Apex Legends, and Overwatch. However, do you know how Valorant works? In general, two teams have to be matched to each other on one map. The team, which reaches the 13 rounds first, is a winner. That is why if you bet on this team, you can get some cash. However, the amount of this cash depends on the odds offered by bookies. Nonetheless, you should remember that the game cannot go more than 13 rounds. Although we mentioned that Valorant is similar to famous games, there are some differences. For example, you can choose from three designed rounds, and every one of them is shorter than in other games.

How to Choose Valorant Betting Site?

Since you found out what Valorant is, it is time to learn another important thing. Of course, there are some Valorant betting wagering sites made for you. However, you should know how to choose the best site on your own. That is why we recommend you read this guide. First, the site must be high quality to be safe and secure enough. However, the point is that do you know these features? If your answer is no, you will learn it from this guide. After it, there will be no problems for you to choose the best Valorant betting website.

Customer Support

The first thing you must pay attention to is customer support. It is not a surprise since each of us can have any questions or problems, which we cannot solve ourselves. That is why we want to interact with the Support Team. In our life, there are many different features, which we may not know at all since people cannot catch everything up. Moreover, at this moment the Support Team exists. However, there are some criteria for client support to be a good one. First, it is better to have a few ways of interaction with the Team. The most common are email, telephone, and Live Chat. However, sometimes you can see the F&A section. The second aspect is the speed of response. When a person asks some question, he or she wants to get an answer as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the schedule of Support Team works is important too.

Betting Options

Before you start betting on any Valorant website, you should learn more about it. However, even after it, there is one more for you to do. You should check all the available betting options. Even if they are enrolled in the list of features, they may not be available to you. That is why you should check all of them in advance. The problem is that there might be no live or other types of bets. For comfortable betting, you should check all the features in advance. However, you always can choose another site, which can offer you the bets you want.


This aspect is one of the most important in choosing any Valorant betting website. In general, betting is legal in the USA and many other countries; however, there are some rules to remain available. The license is one of the main conditions. As you know, these licenses provide customers with high quality, security, and first-class safety. The bottom line is that without it you cannot be sure about the protection of your money and other private information at all. That is why you cannot enjoy your time. At the same time, licenses can protect you from being hacked. Many Valorant betting sites have top-class licenses, such as Curacao Gaming License. Because of it, you can be completely sure of the safety issue and do not worry at all. As you see, the question of security is a question of outstanding importance, so you should the licenses in advance.

Low Profit Margins

However, except for some things that we mentioned above, there is one more thing you should check in advance. We are talking about profit margins. Before we start discussing this issue, we have to tell you what these profit margins are by nature. In general, in the ideal scenario of any esport betting, it is a probability of winning and losing. In the perfect case, these odds are 50% each of them. However, the Valorant bookies change these odds in their favor. In that case, it can be 55/45. Therefore, that means, that online bookies set odds at 1.9 instead of 2.0. That is why you should check them in advance. If these odds are too high, it is better to go away from this bookie and never go back. The main way to check these odds is to compare them with other peers. You will determine the best ones and lose nothing.

Types of Valorant Bets

Since you know how to choose the best Valorant betting site, you should be aware of one more feature of them. There are many different bets, and each of them has its differences. That is why it is time to learn more about bets Valorant in our shortlist. Let’s get started!

  • The first bet is Match Winner. As you understand, this is the winner of any match. There is no matter, what kind of match you play now. You can gamble BO1, BO3, or BO5.
  • The second type of Valorant bets is Map Winner. The bottom line of this type is that you can bet even on a winner of any map. However, the Map Winner bet should be available to you. There is no matter the number of maps since you still can bet on the team, which is going to win.
  • The next type is First Blood. The main goal of it is to bet on the team, which will draw the first blood on the round.
  • There is also such a type as Spike Plant. Some Valorant betting sites can allow you to bet on whether attackers will manage to plant the spike in the next round or not. However, this type of bet is not such a popular one among sites.
  • The last type is Live Bets. This one allows you to bet on some things or events, which might happen in the shortest time. For example, whether the attackers will plant the spike or the defenders will defuse the spike.  

What Do You Need to Know for Real Money Betting?

As a rule, every player wishes to become a winner in any game and does their best to do that. However, do you know how to archive it? In the next paragraphs, we will discuss all key knowledge, which can make you a winner of any game you want in the shortest future. You will learn everything that can help you to bet for real money and succeed in it. There is nothing hard about it since everything you should do is follow our tips. So, just read carefully and adhere to them and you will be the best player.

Explore Gameplay

Since you learned more about Valorant bets and other features, it is time to get down to the first tip we would like to give you. As you know, there are numerous rules in every game. There are common and different ones. As you know, you must adhere to them if you want to play legally without any problems. Therefore, here is our first piece of advice: you should figure out all the rules of the game you are going to try. It is not hard; however, it can help you to avoid any questions and troubles. There are different ways to find and explore more about any game you prefer. You can try the game yourself, and it is the easiest way. However, there are many streams on Twitch, which you can watch. In any case, numerous guides on YouTube work properly too. There is no matter which way you prefer if it helps you explore the game.

Understanding of Metagame

After you figure out all the rules of the game you prefer, there is another step for you. To become a real player and a winner in any game, what is attractive to any gambler, there is one rule. You should learn and understand the Metagame. However, in the beginning, it is better to figure out what the META is. In general, META are the most effective tactics available. Because of the constant development of our technologies, these tactics tend to change as well as other things in our daily life. That is why you have to keep checking all the news and changes every day to have enough information. That means that you should look through and compare all the in-game movements and some tactics. This will help you analyze and choose the best variants for you. Just keep up with all the news about META.

Follow Valorant Esport Scene

However, except for constantly checking all the news about META and reading different rules of any game, there is another tip for how to keep up and become a winner. As was mentioned above, there are a few ways how to explore more about any game and META. However, there is one more thing you can do to learn as much about any team as you can. You can watch different tournaments. This will help you to learn more about the teams, their past games, and numerous tactics. In general, it is a great advantage to know as much as you can about any team. After you will be able to analyze the game, predict different results and be surer about any team. Moreover, all you need for it just to watch as many tournaments as you can. If you adhere to all our tips, you will become a winner soon.

Valorant Betting Bonuses

Except for security and safety, there is one more thing, which is important to every player. There is no matter, what the gambler prefers. It can be either esports or usual online casino games. In the beginning, every client looks for the best bonus list. The importance of them is not a surprise since bonuses can help you earn more money, free spins, or just get used to the game. Any Valorant betting website can offer you first-class bonuses, which you can try to use whenever you want. That is why it is time to have a little guide of all of them.

  • The first bonus you will see in any game is a Welcome Bonus. This one can be given to you just for joining the game. However, you have to register or make your first deposit to claim it. The amount of the bonus differs in the Valorant betting site.
  • The next one is a % on Deposit. As you may understand, this bonus gives a percentage on every deposit. For example, you can receive a 100% bonus on any of your deposits. There is one more bonus, which you can get on your first deposit.
  • A Free Bet bonus is an amount of money, which can be given back to you after the first of all bets on Valorant. Except for these bonuses, you can also claim a Cashback bonus. This one gets a percentage back on bets. However, it is more common on different significant events than in daily life.
  • A Free Spins Bonus lets you get some extra free spins in addition to your bonus deposit money. For example, you can deposit $50 and 10 free spins.
  • However, there is such a bonus as a Combo Bonus. This is a mix of all the bonuses above.


Is Valorant Betting Legal?

There are no special laws, which can restrict Valorant betting in any country. You just should check the licenses in advance to be sure it is safe.

How Do I Get Into Valorant Betting?

For the first, you can visit any Valorant betting websites and try it there. Nevertheless, you should read some Valorant betting guide to understand the process.

Can I Bet On Valorant On Mobile?

Esports betting Valorant is a new thing in the gaming world, so it tries to attract newcomers with modern features. However, you cannot bet on Valorant on mobile.

Is It Safe to Bet on Valorant?

Of course, Betting Valorant is completely safe on any website since all the Valorant betting sites have two first-class licenses, such as Curacao Gaming License and Antillephone.