BLAST Premier Spring 2021 Showdown and Finals

With CS:GO BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 soon starting, it’s a great time to refresh dedicated CS fans’ memory. Blast Premier 2021 takes place throughout the year in Spring and Fall formats, all leading to the Global Final. BLAST Pro Series and its Spring Groups were quite fierce. With BiG, Complexity, Na’Vi, NiP, EG, and FaZe achieving a seed to Spring Finals, other teams will fight hard in the Showdown format.

The Showdown will start on April 18th and culminate on April 18th, with the two best teams going to Spring Finals. A stunning $162,500 prize pool is spread among the best CS:GO pro teams competing, such as Astralis, G2, Liquid, OG, Vitality, Gambit, Heroic, Furia, MIBR, and others.

Blast Premier 2021 Spring Finals

So, what about the Spring Finals and Global Final as a whole? During the Spring Groups, six qualified teams were drafted. They will face two Showdown teams for a single slot to the Spring Final tourney. This Counter-Strike: Global Offensive championship will start June 15th and end June 20th.

The competing teams will share a prize pool of $425,000, but it’s not only about money. As it was mentioned earlier, a seed to Global Finals is indeed the prize the best CS: GO teams want to achieve. Once again, the two teams from Showdown will join BiG, Complexity, Na’Vi, NiP, EG, and FaZe to fight for a single seed slot.

Blast Premier Fall 2021 Finals

Since the Spring Finals haven’t started, it could be too early to shed light on the Fall Finals. But it’s true that CS:GO betting sites have already started accepting bets on the Fall championship. In other words, feel free to bet on CS:GO Blast Premier 2021 right now.

The twelve BLAST partner teams will compete for the seed to Fall Groups, with a tourney starting August 26th and ending on September 5th. Shortly after that, the Fall Showdown, with a schedule starting on October 12th and ending October 17th. Fall 2021 Finals (November 23th – November 28th) will feature a $425,000 prize pool and eight pro teams competing for a seed to Global Finals.

Struggle to Win: Top Teams

Except for the two seeds from Spring and Fall finals, six teams will be drafted from other tournaments, such as ESL, Flashpoint, PGL, and even a Global Leaderboard. That means that 2021 won’t see four invites that could be given based on CS:GO Blast Premier 2021 standings. 2021 as a year would be fascinating for CS fans because of the possibilities of returning to LAN tournaments.

Although online tournaments, including the BLAST 2020 Global Final, were impressive, the LAN experience is something that players and fans are waiting for. Let’s take a look at what teams have decent odds of triumphing at the BLAST 2021 Global Final, as follows.

Gambit Esports

After a stunning triumph at IEM Katowice 2021 against VP in a grand final, Gambit looks insanely strong. This CIS team looked perfect, showing both great individual skill and flawless team cooperation. The IEM Katowice 2021 winner will have to show their best throughout the year to make it to BLAST Global Final 2021.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports made some other bold moves after adding NiKo to their roster. G2 removed kennyS, which was controversially perceived by the CS community. Although their recent performance is still backpedaling, NiKo and huNter’s combo will surely surprise competitors during the Spring Showdown.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid, also undergoing squad changes, is a CSGO team that seemed to benefit from FalleN’s arrival. During the IEM Katowice 2021, they showed incredible performance, surprising the top teams. Although they finished in the semifinal, Liquid rebuilt their roster and benefited from FalleN’s leadership skills.


Virtus. Pro is one of those professional teams with a team roster worth your attention. After a solid second-place finish at IEM Katowice 2021, they have chances to make the most of their star roster. Although their players are relative newcomers to the professional CS scene, they will surprise fans in the upcoming events leading to the BLAST 2021 Global Final.


ZywOo, probably the best CS:GO player globally, is ready to bring Vitality back to the top. During the recent IEM Katowice 2021, they failed to deliver a solid standings, alongside losing during the Spring Groups. Their recent performance in the tourney brackets was unfortunate, but Vitality is still among the best teams in the world. French fans will surely tune in to live streaming broadcasts to cheer for ZywOo, Apex, and the company.