Esports Betting Odds, Lines & Spreads

When placing any type of wager on esports at an online bookie, it is important to learn about odds comparison. Each site presents different odds for events that are supported and you should learn how these can help you determine your possible profits. The best esports betting odds are posted at every site and these can often change as more people place wagers.

Here, you can learn about the different formats that are used and will also find out about the popular wagers that can be placed. Take some time to review this information before wagering so you have the most knowledge and better chances at earning profits.

Esports betting odds

How to Read Esports Odds? List and odds types

When betting on esports, you will find that bookmakers will display odds in three different ways, making it harder to compare betting odds. These esports betting odds will help you determine how much can be won when placing a wager on a team or tournament. These also reflect the chances of a certain outcome happening, which can change your decisions. Before you place any real money wager on an event at esports betting sites, take some time to learn what they mean and how to read the three types of odds that can be displayed.

ยท Decimal Odds โ€“ These are used at many betting sites and they are the easiest to understand when placing any bet. When they are low, there is a higher probability that the team will win the match. High decimals mean there is a lower chance. To determine how much can be won, simply multiple the listed odds by the amount being wagered. For example, if the league of legends odds are 1.6 and you bet $100, you could win $160.

ยท Fractional Odds โ€“ These types will be displayed as a fraction, such a 6/1, 4/1, 3/1, etc. If you place a bet on a tournament with cs:go odds of 4/1, you will make a profit of 4 dollars for every 1 that is wagered.

ยท American Odds โ€“ These are the least common esports odds used. They are displayed with a โ€“ and + sign. The minus indicates the favorite and the + the underdog. This will be followed by a number that indicated the amount you must bet to earn profits of $100.

Some sites may allow you to choose between these formats and they always offer live odds that are updated on a regular basis. As the ranking of teams and players change, so will the numbers, so using a bookmakers odds comparison chart will be a great way to keep track of the latest numbers.

Esports Money Line

Money line betting is quite popular at sportsbooks and it is a bet that many new bettors will place. With the moneyline esports bets, you are wagering on who will win a series of matches or games. This is a simple way of betting as you just have to predict who the winner may be. ML esports odds can vary per bookmaker, so take time to compare sites for the best chances of winning.

If you are planning to bet now on head-to-head competition, this is one of the best options. One thing to note is that the moneyline wagers will vary with esports betting since there are different levels of skill between players and teams. Two teams that are evenly matched may have odds of -115. Teams that are not evenly matched will have huge swings, such as -1500 favorite and +700 underdog.

When placing a moneyline bet on individual matches, the favorite team or player often requires a larger stake than you can win in return. Big favorites usually have unfavorable moneylines. This is usually due to more people placing wagers on this team. There are also cases where positive numbers can be displayed on both sides. This happens where there is a chance there will be a draw. In this case, your best option is to wager on each side to guarantee a profit. However, if the match does end in a draw, you lose both bets.

If you are new to esports wagering, the moneylines can offer a great way to get started. They are simple wagers that do not require much skill or experience, and they can offer decent returns.

Point Spread Betting Odds

For those that have experience with wagering, point spreads are one of the most profitable options. Point spread esports betting is offered at every bookmaker, and you can find some amazing chances to generate large profits. With this, instead of just choosing a winner like with the moneyline options, you have to choose if the favorite will win by a set margin. If they do win, but not by a large enough margin, you lose your bet.

With point spreads, you will find that there will be odds movement. As the start of the event draws near, they will shift. Bookmakers can adjust these based on changes to player rosters or just to even out the action that has already been taken. Esports operators will adjust lines to try to get any money bet on either side to be even so they generate more commissions.

You will find that with popular events, the numbers for point spreads will change drastically. The Dota 2 odds a day before an event may be low, but an hour before it starts, the points spread could take a huge swing, so it is important to always compare the latest numbers and watch for changes.

This is where an esports betting odds tracker will come into play. You can use these tools at the leading sites to track changes so you have the information needed to place the best bet that can lead to payouts and not risk money on wagers that may not offer a return.