Everything You Need to Know About Overwatch League 2021

The overwatch league pits 20 international teams over 24 weeks, with 4 monthly tournaments. It is a highly spirited esports league, which features Overwatch’s top brass in the global rankings. The storylines are out of this world and are magnified by the cut-throat competition, mouth-watering prizes, highly rewarded viewership, and superb tech. This makes the overwatch league the holy grail of esports leagues and ignites a fiery following from its fanbase. The players are ever-morphing into better versions of themselves, taking some sweet time to practice, invent and perfect new strategies, give them an edge over their opponents, and win them the prize money.

Overwatch League 2021 Schedule

The 2021 season kicks off on April 16th, a Friday, and the first four Overwatch tournaments of the season will start the major esports league. The overwatch league start date is as important as the tournament itself, as fans and overwatch betting sites will seek to add the game’s thrill. For starters, an action-packed duel for Texas will pit Jake Lyon accompanied by the Houston Outlaws, versus Yeung-Han Kim backed up by Dallas Fuel. Then, the second bout featured a combo of Mathew Delisi and San Francisco Shock, squaring off against Grand Espe and Los Angeles Gladiators. These are all seasoned expatriates in the league, and their superb skills and wit will be meted to their equally adept opponents.

About the Overwatch League

Twenty teams based in international cities come together to give fans and viewers an epic international esports league experience. The best players showcase their prowess in this league and smash their way through opponents to the grand finale. The competition is hosted in two regions, takes place over 24 weeks, and has four monthly overwatch tournaments. The major league gaming overwatch supplies fans with scheduled gaming matches. Overwatch betting sites to rush in quench the fans’ betting needs, where they can route for their favorite gamers.

Overwatch League 2021 participating teams

As hinted earlier, the overwatch league 2021 season will commence on Friday, April 16th, and four teams will grace the opening two matches. The overwatch league will be split into two regions (East and West), and teams in the two regions will go at each other before the grand finale. The East will host teams in China and South Korea, while the West will comprise 12 teams in Europe and North America. There will be four monthly tournaments, and the league will go on for 24 weeks. The participating teams will be as follows:

From the East, in no particular order.

1. Chengdu Hunters.

2. Guangzhou Charge.

3. Hangzhou Spark.

4. Los Angeles Valiant.

5. New York Excelsior.

6. Philadelphia Fusion.

7. Shanghai Dragons.

8. Seoul Dynasty.

From the West, there will be.

1. Atlanta Reign.

2. Boston Uprising.

3. Dallas Fuel.

4. Florida Mayhem.

5. Houston Outlaws.

6. London Spitfire.

7. Los Angeles Gladiators.

8. Paris Eternal.

9. San Francisco Shock.

10. Vancouver Titans.

11. Toronto Defiant.

12. Washington Justice.

Prize pool for Overwatch League 2021 

This Overwatch season will have a whopping $4.25m up for grabs, all the way from tournaments through the season’s playoffs, which will determine the winner of the 2021 overwatch league. A cash prize of $1.5million awaits the winner.

In the tournaments, prizes will be dished out from the first to the fourth place, they will be distributed as follows.

1st = $100,000

2nd = $70,000

3rd = $35,000

4th = $20,000

The playoffs’ prizes will encompass the leading eight competitors. Their prizes will be as follows;

1st = $1.5million

2nd = $700,000

3rd = $350,000

4th = $300,000

5th = $200,000

6th = $100,000

7th = $50,000

8th= $50,000

 Parting Shot

The players who ace their way through the tournaments, book their places in the playoffs, and proceed to secure good positions will take home the lion’s share of the prize money. There is so much at stake, and every player must bring in their A-game to preserve their dominance, climb the Overwatch’s rankings ladder, and attain the coveted 1st position. Those who do not make it to the top leave behind a thoroughly entertained fanbase and take home invaluable hands-on experience, preparing them for the next tournaments.