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Do you feel bored inside your house and struggling with ideas of self-entertainment? If the answer is yes, we might have a solution for you! Have you heard anything about bets on playerunknown’s battlegrounds? Well, it is something exciting that’s bothering the minds of so many players around the world. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG for short) is an interesting game that you can feel like in the real fig. Lucky for you: today you can not only play it for fun but also try bets on PUBG and win some money at these websites.

What is PUBG?

The story of this highly exciting and addictive game that captured the interest of millions of audiences around the world began in the distant 2000s when a film called Battle Royale was released. Based on this idea, Korean developers have created a fantastic game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which are now installed on almost any phone, and are also rapidly becoming popular on the computer. There is an opportunity to fight not only you against everyone but also to assemble a team of two, three, four players and start a collective game against teams of the same number of fighters. Up to 100 players will take part in each battle, making betting playerunknown’s battlegrounds extremely fun! Just imagine this! The winner is the one who will be the last alive, and this can be you, or a whole team of several players. This is not only an extremely popular and entertaining game; it also has a strong competitive aspect. Try PUBG betting today!

How to Choose PUBG Betting Site?

If you have played online games at least once, then you know that the main difficulty is finding a relevant and convenient PUBG betting website. We all know that there are a huge number of scammers on the Internet, who deceive users. Such gaming services either collect and sell the personal data of users or take money, not allowing them to win. We do understand completely how hard it is to find the best betting website from thousands of them, so we have made this review for you! The esport betting PUBG is an interesting one, so listen closely, because it would be such an unforgettable adventure! With our experts in gambling, we have prepared for you a few pieces of advice.

Customer Support

Effective service and intelligent customer support managers are one of the main reasons players return to casinos repeatedly. It is imperative to have a well-trained 24/7 customer support team so that they can always answer any question and resolve any situation peacefully. Pay attention to the fact that managers respond to inquiries within 60-90 seconds and can promptly offer a solution to even the most demanding clients in difficult situations. Keep in mind that there are different ways of reaching the support team of the PUBG betting site. The company must have various channels in communication with clients. For example, if it is simpler for you to contact the client service on the phone, you have to have the opportunity to call them and discuss any needed questions. Do not worry, all the playerunknown’s battlegrounds betting sites from our list are fully convenient and adapted for any user and any way of contacting them!

Betting Options

PUBG is rapidly becoming one of the most common cyber sciences, but bookmakers sometimes make errors in measuring odds, which plays into the hands of bettors. For e.g, Luminosity won the PUBG Invitational at Gamescom 2017 despite being ranked at 13.00 by Bet365. How to choose the esports betting PUBG type? Well, it is pretty complicated, but we’re here to help you. So, if there is an event with a good coefficient and high traffic, then there is no need to invent anything, pick an ordinary. When you know several good outcomes, but with low odds, then include them in the express. If you have 3-5 good outcomes with high odds in mind, but you doubt each of them a little, then opt for the system. In circumstances where you have a limited budget and want to make several PUBG bets at once, then the chain will help you out.


All the PUBG betting sites must be licensed and secured. Another factor that guarantees the reliability of the casino is the availability of a license. If the platform has valid permission, the player can be sure of its safety and quick withdrawal of winnings. A license is required to carry out gambling activities legally. And also the presence of a license certainly affects the trust of the players. For example, many well-known playerunknown’s battlegrounds betting websites are licensed by Costa Rica, Curacao, Great Britain, and other similar countries. The jurisdiction of not all countries makes it possible to check the fact of the issuance of a license since there is no Internet resource where you can apply with an online request. The exceptions are Great Britain, Gibraltar, and Malta, where the document is checked on a specialized website. Well-known casinos always adhere to the rules prescribed in their user agreement. That is why experts recommend that you carefully study all the points of the agreement and find out controversial points.

Low Profit Margins

A margin (it is also known as juice) is the fee that PUBG betting websites charge you to make bets with them. However, you are only required to pay playerunknown’s battlegrounds betting wagering if you are on the losing side of a bet. Any gamblers may consider margins to be insignificant. After all, the majority of bets have margins of less than 5%. However, even serious esports bettors usually benefit between 53% and 55% of their wagers (assuming -110 odds). If you are not a professional esports gambler, you would need much more assistance to prosper. Finding low margins consistently is one of the easiest ways to increase your odds of winning. In the long term, not wanting to pay too much should you lose is a huge deal. Of course, there are other important aspects to consider, such as handicapping and bankroll control.

Types of PUBG Bets

Because of the gameplay in the style of Battle Royale, PUBG is completely different from the games popular all around the world. As a result, the PUBG betting sites list is not long, but they’re still a lot of esportsbooks with PUBG options. In contrast to other disciplines, this game has unique characteristics: during the tournament, 25 teams (squads) compete at the same time, making it almost difficult to predict who will survive. There are a few types of playerunknown’s battlegrounds bets:

  • The last hero. The most popular type of bet is to determine which of the players (or which team) will last the longest on the map. First of all, pay attention to the top squads and players.
  • Total kills (“frags”) is the number of eliminated players for the entire match. The total kills are greatly influenced by the skill of the players’ shooting. Look out for big names, which have shown incredible elimination skills in the past.
  • Tournament winner is the most difficult of PUBG tournment betting. This line is influenced by all factors, from skill, teamwork to statistics. The key advice is to choose your favourite squad from the top line-ups and bet on it. The chances are almost equal for everyone.

What Do You Need to Know for Real Money Betting

PUBG is one of the most popular games at the moment. The game already has many awards and a huge audience. A variety of eSports tournaments are currently being held, on which you can place bets. Fans of betting PUBG can be divided into two groups: ordinary players and professionals. Beginners start gambling to get rich but do not analyze the events, or they just like this activity. Professionals analyze events in detail with a sober head. They take into account dozens of factors that affect the outcome of the game. How to become a real professional of betting? Well, go read our playerunknown’s battlegrounds betting guide!

Explore Gameplay

Playerunknown’s battlegrounds betting rushed into the gaming community like a hurricane and completely captured it. In a few months, the game sold over four million copies, making the game one of the bestsellers of the year. PUBG is an incredibly difficult game. One hundred people are thrown onto a map of impressive size, and to become the last hero, you need to survive in an incredible competition. Even the choice of where you land can be decisive for the outcome of the game. Becoming a professional is not easy. Not only do you need to look for weapons to eliminate other players, but also you need to decide which tactic suits you best, based on your arsenal. The players’ task is to survive at any cost. As you progress through the map narrows, what are automatic increases in the intensity of passions for the survivors, as there are fewer and fewer safe zones?

Understanding of Metagame

To make everything clear, META is a short name for the term of Most Effective Tactics Available. Bets PUBG are not for itchy trigger fingers or renegades. And if you saw the enemy, then it is not necessary to immediately shoot at him. Keep in mind such life hacks for gamblers. For beginners, it is better to start the match by landing in the villages, so you will increase the chances of winning. The higher the level of your backpack the more successful your game will be. If you cannot understand where they are shooting at you, do not lie down! This is a major newbie mistake, making you an easy target for the shooter. The best way to avoid shelling is to zigzag for cover. When you are fighting with several opponents, do not pay attention to those who have already been shot, he will not be able to attack you until a friend helps him. You’ve learned some things from our PUBG betting guide, now go try them out!

Follow PUBG Esport Scene

Playerunknown’s BattleGrounds lasted long to become a core industry. Cash tournaments are exactly what a player who has spent a lot of time on PUBG needs. They constantly improved his playing skills, trained, and learned new information. All this, at least before, went into oblivion. But it is not a problem anymore! As in any tournament, participants must comply with its regulations, and a violation will be punished by deducting points from the team. Keep in mind that there’s PUBG betting wagering, which is often forgotten by users. Consider that there’re also tournaments that aren’t free. By winning a tournament or taking a high place, the user not only pays for the amount they invested at the entrance but also makes a profit.

PUBG Betting Bonuses

Almost all PUBG betting companies offer their customers a variety of incentives called bonuses. Some casinos have more generous bonuses, others less, but one way or another; today each sportsbook has its bonus program. Bonuses are cash for free play that the website gives to registered users as a promotion.

  • Welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses are usually some of the most valuable. The peculiarity of these incentives is that websites betting on PUBGwant to have as many active players as possible and therefore reward only after passing full identification. Always read the terms and conditions of the promotion!
  • % on deposit. The most popular kind of bonus, which is provided to players on the first or second time they replenish their accounts. The amount of the guaranteed bonus, as well as the amount of the minimum contribution that the player must make to his account, are specified in the terms and conditions. Deposit incentives, as well as no deposit bonuses, must be wagered.
  • Free bet. Most online casinos give no deposit discounts to new players to entice them to open an account with them. The benefit of this kind of incentive is that the customer who decides to use it does not have to gamble his own money and will play for real money. However, there is one major disadvantage: withdrawing the wagered number from the account is very complicated.
  • This is the rarest bonus often used by young online casinos to build a customer base. That’s compensation for the possible loss with a special bonus that allows you to return some part of the lost money.

PUBG Betting FAQ

Is PUBG Betting Legal?

Yes! If you’re old enough, you can play at any website!

How Do I Get Into PUBG Betting?

Go read our list with websites to play, pick one and start playing!

Can I Bet On PUBG On Mobile?

Of course! There’s a mobile version of the program as well.

Is It Safe to Bet on PUBG?

It is completely secure, as your money will be protected by the license of the site and SSL encryption.