League of Legends: Spring EU Masters 2021

The 7th European Masters League of Legends tournament is scheduled and the best pro players will be competing. With the 2021 EU Masters Spring event, you will find 28 teams participating and 16 of these will compete in a play-in stage. 12 different teams have already qualified to compete directly and these are the best pro-League of Legends teams from four different European Leagues.

Overview of EU Masters

This exciting League of Legends event starts on March 29 and will last for many weeks. This year, some top-rated teams will compete in brackets to make it to the final rounds. When it comes to esports League of Legends betting, the Spring EU Masters is a top choice for fans. It kicks off an exciting year for LOL play. You can bet on LOL champions as they compete for top spots in this event.

You will find that a few popular teams are not on the list of participants this year. You will not have a chance to bet on Cloud 9 LOL of League of Legends Team Liquid as they failed to qualify. Team Solomid League of Legends is also not on this list. These three professional organizations have earned top gaming titles over the years, but the League of Legends Team Liquid roster and other teams’ rosters have changed, altering standings and affecting overall performance, so you will not find them in the EU Masters Spring 2021.

Format and Scheduling for 2021 Spring EU Masters

Divided into four stages, you will find many opportunities to bet on the best LOL players and enjoy top payouts. During stage 1, there are 16 teams competing on a Play-In Group Stage. It consists of double round-robin matches and lasts for two days. The top two will advance to Play-In Knockout Stage. Winners here move to the Group Stage.

The Group Stage consists of four groups and two top teams will move on to Playoffs. This is the highlight of all LOL tournaments and a winner will be chosen in a Grand Final Match. Looking to enjoy great payouts and hours of betting thrills? Be sure to bet on EU Masters 2021 Spring and watch top teams compete to become the best League of Legends team.

Check out the latest LOL esports schedule, so you never miss a chance to bet on pro-LOL team action.

· Play-In Group Stage – March 29 – March 30

· Play-In Knockout Stage – March 31 – April 1

· Group Stage – April 14 – TBD

· Playoffs – April 27 – May 2

LOL EU Masters Participants

With League of Legends EU Masters 2021, you will have a chance to wager on 28 different teams as they compete in various stages. These teams have qualified from the Minors and have a chance to compete in one of the largest LOL esports events. This year, you will find new League of Legends teams competing, so there are some great options for wagering at trusted LOL betting sites. Take a look at those participating in the EU Masters 2021 Spring prize pool.

The following have already qualified for main event play:


· Mousesports

· Karmine Corp

· Misfits Premier

· UCAM Esports Club

· Cream Real Betis


· K1CK

· BT Excel

· Macko Esports


· Anorthosis Famagusta Esports

Play-In stage qualifiers include:

· FC Schalke 04 Evolution

· G2 Arctic

· Vitality.Bee

· Illuminar Gaming

· Fnatic Rising

· Mkers


· Gamespace MCE

· KV Mechelen Esports

· PSV Esports

· eSuba

· SINNERS Esports

· White Dragons

· For The Win Esports

· Goskilla  

· Method2Madness

Enjoy Great Betting Options

If you want to bet on one of the best online League of Legends tournaments, this is your chance! With many days of action and many top players competing, there are endless opportunities to engage in real money betting. As a fan of LOL, this is a great opportunity to watch and wager as leading pros compete for a chance to be known as the best LOL team in 2021.