League of legends betting – Top LOL Betting Sites

Esports has become a mainstream sport over the last few years, but it is now one of the industry’s most powerful sports. LoL dominates the scene thanks to its millions of loyal fans and attracts more than one League of Legends betting site. 

Today there are hundreds of LoL Esports bookmakers specializing in every tiny LoL Esports result. This gives the fans exactly what they ask for during their favorite event. And this is only the beginning of this great sport. This is why there is still so much more to come. Esportbro has compiled its own rating specifically to make it easier for fans to choose the best sites for betting on League of legengs.

Here we show you how to get your foot in the door of League of Legends betting. We’ll explain the gameplay, how to bet in a League of Legends sportsbook, the types of bets available, and the big tournaments to watch out for. 

Also, find out where to find your perfect LoL betting website, and let’s welcome you to your LoL championship betting adventure!

League of Legends

League of Legends Gameplay

The complex but fun game of LoL is now the game with the largest community in Esports. And much of that fame and viewership is due to the gameplay, which fascinates new fans, getting millions of streams.

LoL actually has some basic principles that are very easy to learn. To begin with, two teams each choose five players. That’s where the draft starts, which is when the champions are determined. Here the teams have between 140 champions, each with its own interactions and mechanics. That’s why every LoL game will always be unique. 

After the draft, the map begins. The two teams split up towards the two ends of the map, and the challenge is easy. Destroy the opposing team’s nexus while defending your own. 

As in most multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), small minions will add blood to the game. There are also various monsters around the map that teams can kill. There is Baron Nashor, who is the strongest creature on the map and even dragons. Of course, the stronger the monster or minion killed, the more it will strengthen the team and give them a strategic advantage. 

The gameplay itself depends on the destruction of the nexus. But a series can vary from various factors. Such as the best of seven, a single map, and much more depending on each LoL event.

How to Bet on LOL

LoL is a complex game, and that has its advantages for betting. Because LoL allows you to count on large markets and odds, both before and during the game. But it’s not just limited to matches, as you also can bet on League of Legends at tournaments and even specific details of the game.

Here is how to place a bet online on LoL in 2021:

ยท Moneyline: Let’s start with the most straightforward wager in any sport: the moneyline, which is generally available among most esports LoL bookmakers. Here you only have to choose who will win. That can mean a round or, of course, the game. And that’s all there is to it. Thus, making the moneyline the perfect option for any beginner starting out in LoL Esports betting.

ยท Handicap/Spread: Do you know the term spread betting from other sports? Well, something similar also goes for you LoL betting online. If there’s a clear favorite during a match, the bettor can raise the odds on the underdog. And since LoL games have a three-way format, handicapping ends up taking +/-1.5. This results in the underdog receiving 1.5 points taken from the favorite at the end of the match. To make things easier, you just have to imagine your wager winning two of the three splits to be crowned the winner of the game.

ยท Totals: Although you may think that totals mean the complete result. Wrong. Totals are an open option for those who prefer to bet on a match’s duration instead of a team who’s going to win it. If, for example, there is a clear favorite, then with totals, you can place an under bet, predicting that the game will last at most two rounds. This would payout as a winning bet. If you think otherwise, you can bet on the over if the game is relatively equal.

ยท Prop bets: Prop bets are specific outcomes that deal with important moments during a game. This could be who dies first, which team destroys the tower or who will kill a dragon. These markets can be quite large and vary from one match to another and from each bookie to the next. These bets are prevalent in live betting as they are full of betting options.

League of Legends Types of Bets

Now that you know how to place LoL bets, it’s time to learn what types of wagers exist and how to use them to your advantage before or during a game or tournament. Here are the four most common League of Legends Esports bet types:

1. Match Winner: In all Esports games, the match-winner bet is undoubtedly the most important one. But that doesn’t mean it’s also the easiest just because you have to predict who will win the game. LoL is a game where anything can happen. Depending on how each team is doing, the outcome can also drastically change.

2. First Inhibitor/Tower: Betting around the obvious means betting on detail in LoL. By that, we mean bets that are about the first thing that will happen during a match. In this case, we mean the first team that manages to destroy the other team’s inhibitor/tower. Here it doesn’t matter who ends up winning the game, as the bet is focused solely on these two aspects that happen during the show.

3. First Baron or Dragon: Another similar bet is that the team is able to kill the dragon on the map or a Nashor Baron. This favors the LoL team that managed to kill it and means that the bet is a success.

4. Outright Winner: An outright winner is an easy option and similar to the moneyline. It is all about predicting precisely who the winners of a particular tournament or championship will be. These wagers are placed before any competition starts to get the best LoL odds. However, it is also possible to wager during an event, although the odds will drop considerably as the champion teams progress.

LOL Odds & Predictions

The odds and predictions in League of Legends vary like any other sport. Depending on what happens before, during, or after a game or tournament, the odds will change. Therefore, it is often advisable to place your wager as early as possible to avoid any unwanted risk.

The important thing here is to always find the best odds by following the performance of the teams and paying close attention before any given match.

Luckily, many sportsbooks include live streaming and expert tips to keep you up to date, which makes League of Legends itself more enjoyable.

Main LOL Tournaments and Championships

Any LoL player’s goal is to be crowned at the biggest League of Legends tournament called the Summoner’s Cup. But not only for the recognition but also for the millions of dollars in prize money. Which is the highest League of Legends tournament prize. The Summoner’s Cup serves to declare the best team in the world annually in the prestigious Legends World Championship Tournament.

And while this may be the most significant event in LoL, players and fans have a few more events to look forward to. The sport has become such a powerhouse that it now includes regional championships, leagues, and rankings worldwide.

The second most prestigious championship in LoL is the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), where League of Legend heroes battle it out every spring and summer.

If we go into countries and regions, the most powerful ones are the League of Legends European Championships (LEC) in Europe, the League of Legends Championships Korea (LCK) in South Korea, the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) in the USA and Canada, and finally the League of Legends Pro League in China. Each tournament and championship have a different League of Legends prize pool, with the highest amount of real money always going to the LoL finals.